Dell Tablet announced??

Could it be? The last major OEM still not producing a Tablet PC might be ready to join the fold.

Doesn't sound too interesting, from what little detail is in the article.,39042972,62014041,00.htm

"We wanted to wait for Vista and the Santa Rosa [Centrino Pro] ultra-low voltage platform,"

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  1. Marc Simkin says:

    That sounds interesting.  But I am not sure that the convertible is the winner.  It is my impression that people are buy the converitable as just another feature.  I had a converitable from Gateway, and a high end laptop from Dell.

    I originally got the coveritable to take and use at meetings.  It ended up being to heavy, unwieldly to always disconnect it from the cable on the desk, lug to a meeting, set it on down and use it.

    I am still interested in getting a tablet PC again, but it will be a slate this time.

  2. Korn1699 says:

    A grad student at the college I go to had a Dell Tablet…  It must have been for testing or something…

  3. Hilton Locke says:

    Dell’s confirmation:

    Education, healthcare and corporate markets.

    Pen and Touch input.

    I wonder what the specs are. Heck, I wonder when mine is coming for testing!

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