New Tablet – Lenovo ThinkPad x60

Woo woo!


Windows Vista Tablet PC feature review – touch pointer basics

There are several differences between using a pen for input and using your fingertip for input. First of all, your finger probably doesn’t taper down to a pointy-shaped millimeter-wide piece of plastic. In other words, your finger is a relatively large, relatively blunt pointer that isn’t well-suited for the fine tasks that are done so well with a mouse….


Mobile Connections 2006 wrap-up

Hey all, Rob Bushway of GottaBeMobile did a short InkShow of me demonstrating the new touch input capability of Windows Vista. The show ended yesterday after 3.5 VERY busy days of meeting and greeting the gathered developer community. Each day, I must have been standing and demoing for 4-5 hours straight, which is unusual,…