Tablet PC Expert Zone chats *cancelled*

I regret to inform the community that Microsoft has decided to cancel the monthly Tablet PC Expert Zone chats.

I've really enjoyed participating, and answering your questions, no matter how, er, tangentially related to Tablet PCs they were. <grin>

If you feel you need to provide feedback to Microsoft, you can do so here.

I'm looking for an alternate to the chats, and will let you know when I find one.

Comments (5)

  1. shahnhogan says:


    Can you go into any details about why this was decided upon. I tried to attend as many chats as I could, however I know I missed a lot. The best part was the transcripts. I’ve read almost every one. You learn a lot of good tips n’ tricks and general information about the Tablet PC. I’m very sad to see this wonderful resource cancelled. Here’s to hoping they reconsider or bring some other alternative method for us to provide and get feedback.


  2. Josh Einstein says:

    I’m sure the naysayers will love this.

  3. Hi Shahn!

    This was a simple business decision – the Communities team was getting management pushback and there wasn’t enough attendance at the Tablet PC Expert Zone chats to put up a fight.

    However, Tablet is not the only Expert Zone chat to get cut, there are others that are facing the axe as well. I’m just the only loudmouth so far that’s willing to tell the community about it.


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