Origami Project


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  1. SM says:

    What’s Origami Project?

  2. Jobo says:

    An ad for the Origami

  3. joe says:

    is it just me or did halo look a little choppy? though, it still looks pretty sweet. anyone got a release date?

  4. maxima says:

    Where can I post a suggestion?

    I would really like to point at lefties! I am left-handed. I have got Sony PSP and I really annoyed that joystick is on a left side.

    I hope Microsoft will take it into consideration. 2 joysticks can solve the problem. I believe also that D-pads must go. Their time is off.

    Generally I believe that usability of hardware controls (joystick, buttons etc) is same important as screen resolution or OS.

  5. CO says:

    I think this device is trying to compete against the Nokia’s 770 Internet Tablet, though I don’t think anybody would like to log those bulky things around with them all the time?

  6. goose says:

    I personally think if it can really do all that it looks like it can, you would still see people carrying them around.   I know that right now, I lug my bulky Inspiron 6000 to class every day and this seems like it could almost fit into one of my pockets.  Or at least in my bag until I need it.  That and anything that I can do to get away with playing video games while my physics teacher is blabbering on and on is great.  If this came out with a decent price I know for a fact it would be number one on my list of gadgets I need for everyday life.  I just hope it’s as good as it looks.  

  7. Matt Boegly says:

    I’m excited.  Heh.

    If this can do everything they say it can, i’ll trade my PSP for one.  


  8. Adam Mesenbrink says:

    I’ve wanted this (or rather what this appears to be) for years.  I’ve been using for Palm devices and a laptop.

    Palm/Windows Moblie is great for PIM uses but useless for real web browsing, content creation, coding…

    Laptops are great but to big to pull out anywhere.  

    I hope this is a good balance.  I don’t want games, just a  productivity oriented device.

  9. Dr.gadgetini says:

    If Origami can really do all we see on the video, Origami will be the king of portable devices.

    Cant wait for March 2

  10. Richard Noon says:

    onyl 35 minutes to go until the 2nd March!, I am staying up…hoping it will be a midnight release!

    Come on MS!, I am VERY excited about this!!!

  11. rene davila says:

    dam im a big computer science geek and ive been waiting for something like this all my life and if it does what i just saw i cant wait for the update tomarrow and i would most definetly trade all my systems for this device…

  12. vbtwo says:

    It’s 35 mins until March 2nd on the East coast, not on the West coast where MS headquarters is, so I assume that even if it will be a midnight release, you’ll have 3 more hours to wait.

  13. vbtwo says:

    OK, so I was wrong, they released week 2 now. Still no useful information though, wait another week. Sigh.

  14. Adam Ericsen says:


  15. ANyone know what the cost will be?

  16. David Parody says:

    Looks cool, gives you the software bits you are interested in, tablet and keyboard factors, media player, reasonable gaming machine,the right size, day long battery… could do with integrated phone instead of having another device… the true killer platform?

    Who’s bringing these out?  In 2007?  Come on, that’s too long to wait for such a groundbreaking device.

    I’ll ditch my laptop, pda ,mobile phone and (dare I say it) IPod in an instant!

    Just think that you will only need one charger/power connector to carry with you 🙂

  17. Mr. Po-nonni says:

    I already have one of the microsofts dev origami’s. I bet you all want it, hah! Just be patient it is WELL worth the wait. NOPE

  18. Louie says:

    My bro is getting one…I like my Gamecube better.

  19. Mr Arnasses says:

    I think you need to have exact change when buying one.

  20. BigWarpGuy says:

    I wonder if one can hack it and install a different operating system? It would be neat to try eComStation – http://www.ecomstation.com – on it.  I read somewhere it runs WinXP. If it can use a full version of Windows, why not another operating system?

  21. Rafa Birth says:

    Origami’s something more than iPod… 😉

  22. Erick says:

    Where do you find a fine piece of merchandise like that?

  23. mor10 says:

    I have been wanting a tablet pc for years. I remember when IBM was messing around with the idea a LONG time ago… maybe 1993 or 1995 but it never took of. They shelved the whole concept and I think the only reason you can now get a Tablet ThinkPad is because Lenovo has taken control of the brand.

    Now, why don’t I have one allready? well, quite frankly the stuff I do would run it into the ground. I work as a photographer, video editor and graphic designer and I need a tablet that I can do design work on and that I can carry with me to do on-site editing for both photo and video. My experience is that when I run Photoshop or Premiere or any of the Macromedia Studio progs at the same time on an XP based laptop it struggles so badly it usually just keels over. Now with the extra load exerted by the Tablet PC software I’m assuming it would never work for my demanding purposes.

    So I ask: This whole tablet pc thing is in it’s infancy and allready we are seeing projects where they are developing multi-point tablets based on the OSX architecture. so is there a point to getting an XP based tablet now? or is it better to wait a few years?

    I’d love to try out this new device but I’m almost certain it would break down under the load I’d be exerting on it.

    Give me something that can run Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Dreamweaver or Photoshop and Premiere Pro at the same time and I’ll buy it. Until then I’m sorry to say I have to wait.

  24. the 999 pig says:

    what do you it could do because im a big xbox fan and im hoping for maybe halo  2 online and how big would you say it is because it looks huge

  25. ssean says:

    i saw that this thing was going to retail at around the #500 mark… anyone knowforsure (as in MS.people)?

  26. Linda says:

    I was told today that it would come with a U.S. price of $250.00

  27. Unlikely to happen says:

    The Origami might look cool in the video but anyone can pull together a video like that in their basement. As impressive as it looks, what is so great about a new tablet pc? No tablet Pc is ever   going to have the power to run Halo 2. Maby in the future but right now your expecting too much. Stick with what works and is cool a laptop and an iPod. Everyone Needs an Ipod.

  28. quietly desperate says:

    I’ve been waiting for a portable, fast and quick-start way to reference CRM data, take notes and check email.  I don’t need games.  I need a practical way to get rid of my notes paper and unleash my tether to the laptop.  

    PULEEEZ give me:

    >USB or (even better) bluetooth connectivity to sync files with my laptop.

    >OneNote or something similar so I can write notes.  I’d like handwriting recognition, but I’d settle for just storing the note page image.  With colors.

    >Integrated wireless Internet, preferably with some unlimited data plan (Verizon, Sprint, etc.)

    >long battery capacity

    >fast bootup

    >external monitor connection so I can project an ad hoc whiteboard on a screen would be nice (but I don’t want to be greedy)

    Here’s an equation to calculate the value:  

    (height [in inches] of the pile of paper on my desk x time [in minutes; many minutes] to type said paper-based notes into e-docs + time [in hours per day] to search said paper notes for stuff I need to get done x my [sadly undervalued] rate of pay = price I [or my optimistic employer] would pay for a device to manage this chaos.

    And, at least initially, could you try to not make it look like a big iPod so my boss will believe that it’s a business tool?

    Thanks for asking.

  29. Steve Doyle says:

    It’s kind of like a big Etch-A-Sketch without the cool white knobs!

  30. Jerry says:

    That is not the final product…that video was supposedly made over a year ago. Us techhies of all people should know how much a prototype changes over the course of a year…, but anyway, here are my thoughts.

    1) 60 GB hard drive on the bottom that snaps off, and has that little windows vista lcd screen on it (watch the M$ keynote adress at CES if you dont know what im talking about). Then you could just bring your music with you if you dont want the whole thing.

    2) Run a full OS

    3) Integrated WiFi/Wireless Broadband capabilities

    4) DVD Support

    5) At least 1024×768 Resolution (widescreen would be cool though

  31. bureX says:

    Looks pretty cool! But it’s just a plain tablet PC with smaller dimensions!

  32. bureX says:

    This thingy can really come in handy for storing photos while traveling! (But I’m still wondering how much disk space it will have)

    NOTE TO ADMIN: Please ignore my previous comment, I posted something else by accident.

  33. Wayne says:

    I was excided … then some of the media speculation about this being a portable tablet, with some preconfigured media extra’s, just kinda’ let the wind out of my sales.  Of course, I will wait for the official announcement before I declare it a disappointment, but IF the media is right then I have to turn to Sony for my mobile gaming/movie watching/ebook reading, etc.

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