IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad Tablets on sale

Wow. Link here. Makes me think that there is a refresh coming soon.

How is the Windows Vista December 2005 CTP treating you?

update 1/9/06: thanks Lora! IBM x60 PC Mag preview article here

Comments (4)

  1. Tim Marman says:

    It would be treating me a lot better if it were available to MSDN subscribers!!

  2. Keeron says:


    Do you even have a MSDN subscription? If yes, I’d suggest to pay a login visit – the CTP build is there for ages 🙂

    Ok, not ages – but after few hours of initial release to testers, it was also released on MSDN.

    I am typing this from the Dec. CTP build from MSDN (prof. subscription).

  3. Tim Marman says:

    Hmm… you’re right. It’s there for me now with an alleged post date of 12/20. I can tell you with great certainty that it wasn’t there for me up to the 23rd, since I was checking quite regularly (read: obsessively). Maybe it was a caching issue or something?

    (That said, it’s still not on the RSS feed or recent releases list – I’ve been lazy since the holidays and only looked there).

    Either way, that’s good news. I guess I have something to distract me from the 360 🙂

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