IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad Tablets on sale

Wow. Link here. Makes me think that there is a refresh coming soon. How is the Windows Vista December 2005 CTP treating you? update 1/9/06: thanks Lora! IBM x60 PC Mag preview article here


New or Used?

Ha! Now that I’ve had half a minute to actually scan Lora’s posts, I see she’s posted regarding new vs used hardware. TDavid also wrote his two cents’ worth. I have to weigh in (ha! a pun!) whenever hardware is discussed. The two situations Lora and TDavid talk about are distinct and there is room…


December05 Vista CTP details

Some notes for those of you who are going to be installing the December05 Windows Vista CTP. -Log bugs at the Microsoft Beta website; We have a team in place who will be reviewing bugs as they come in. (I am on this team) -Additional support is available through the Beta Newsgroups; Other members of…


ExpertZone chat Dec 7th

Thanks everybody who participated in today’s ExpertZone chat. FAQs for those who are new to this blog: I hear you’re working on a Martian recognizer. When will the Martian recognizer be available? — We cannot comment on unannounced recognizer work. Whether we even have a Martian recognizer planned for a future release is tip-top secret and we…