Handango TabletPC storefront open

I have to admit, I'm not a PocketPC kind of guy, nor Palm or any of those "smartphones".  But when I heard that Handango was opening a Tablet-specific store, I had to take a look. After all, I am a TabletPC guy.

Over 80 titles are there now, which is a step forward for users who are looking for Tablet software. It's all in one place now, where before you might have used G**gle or MSN search to find listings. I'm not sure I want or need blood-pressure monitoring software (sometimes though...) but if I did, it's on Handango.

For those of you who write/buy software as an ISV, how do you distribute it if not on your own website or something like Handango? Bricks & mortar isn't your next alternative is it? If you're selling through your own site, how do you get noticed? Lots of questions, and I'm not in marketing, but still interesting. I'm glad Microsoft sells boxes and posts other stuff to the Developer Center.

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