Nintendo DS and Touch Input

While I'm on the subject of touch input, I want to talk about Nintendo's DS.

I got my DS back in December '04 and have been fascinated by the many different application gestures they recognize, particularly in WarioWare: Touched! They use the mic, swirly spiral gestures, tapping, strokes, back-and-forth and more. What a wonderful idea for Touch training on a Tablet! Unfortunately, I didn't really push the idea and so I don't think that our new tutorials are anything like the minigames in WarioWare: Touched! They're more of the same "picture changes when you successfully perform task" type of thing.

I wonder what we could do to make the Pen/Touch training more enjoyable for users, to draw them into actually doing the training. Would making a very simple game a la Minesweeper or Solitaire, that specifically used the different input modalities be worthwhile?

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  1. Jayenkai says:

    Yeah, you just need something that they can play with. Get them used to touching, and they’ll figure out the rest. It’s like getting someone used to a Mouse, really.

    Try Stringy Things (link above.. or below, or wherever the URL shows up!)

  2. Whenever I get a new handheld (Palm, iPaq), I would load up Zork or some other Infocom game to get used to the handwriting, so I think it’d be a great idea. Just make sure there’s a traditional demo for those stuffy types. <grin>

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