Touching is Good (pt 2)

First off, I apologize Rob, for teasing so relentlessly, then ultimately not saying anything of value.  I am however, without any legs to stand on, at least till next week.

Did you know that there's life yet in that old XP 2005 SKU?  There has to be, since Vista is shaping up to be a challenge for us on the Tablet team. We got word that we'll be one of the early teams to RI (reverse-integrate) into the "Main" branch of Vista. "Main" is where all the code that actually meets the quality gates and functionality testing requirements ends up. It is the "shipping-quality" portion of the development of Vista.

Now, you might think "whoa, that's cool, to have your features in Main first is an honor". But it's a mixed blessing, because while on the one hand, many people get to touch your features and you get lots of free testing, on the other hand, you have to be done first, and you have to cut, cut, cut like Freddy to get everything done on time.

Anyway, vacation is over. Home improvement is yet another project started and not finished. My teeth are clean (yep, and no new cavities, to boot). Channel 9 video is being edited (Robert, I beg of you, please edit harshly!) Back to work in the morning.

I promise, you won't be able to resist the Tablet news at PDC. Really.

PNL12  Future Directions in Mobile Device Hardware

Day/Time: Friday, September 16 1:00 PM- 2:30 PM Room: 411

Speaker(s): Mike Boothe, Derek DiPerna, Jeremy Jacobson, Bert Keely, Jim Mann, James Pratt, Jeff Samitt

Session Type(s): Panel

Track(s): Tools & Languages

Come and hear where mobile device hardware is going from technology experts within Microsoft and industry partners. Ask your burning questions on battery technology, screen innovations, wireless networks, and much more.

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  1. Hilton Locke nous fait saliver un peu en annoncant qu’il va y avoir des nouveautés sur le front du TabletPC au PDC (conférence développeur de Microsoft). Plus très longtemps à attendre, c’est vers le 15 Septembre si je ne m’abuse. TabBlogger : Touching is Good (pt 2)…

  2. Christopher Coulter says:

    The “I’m so excited but I can’t tell you” bits from every Microsoft blogger on the planet are getting old. It’s always a let down, at least historically. It fact, almost a short sell signal.

    New Ultra Mobile form factors? Wheee, umm niche expensive toy, if ever makes to market. New OS or new wireless gimmicks? Well, even if exciting, needs full OS/Office integration, something not yet done. OneNote 2? OneNote + those Powertoys = OneNote2? Fuel cell and flash HD’s? Ok exciting — yes, but please deposit $5K-8K here, tech not yet mature for mainstream. Somehow I think I have the immunity to resist. 😉

  3. TabBlogger says:

    Well, for those of you who have kept up with this series of posts, I’ve been dropping hints as to our…

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