Wow, has it been 10 years already?

I remember recommending (I was a temp back then) to my non-Microsoft employer "wait til they work the bugs out". Well, about 8 months later, I was working as a temp at Microsoft on App Compat and FAT32 on the Win95b team, aka OSR2.

I roamed the halls and salvaged broken machines for SIMMs. I was given one of the early 4GB hard disks to test on. One of my proudest moments in my testing career still is the bug I filed against Xcopy not handling 32-bit addresses properly. Imagine if Xcopy (or any OS utility) randomly corrupted files!

I'm sure that in 2012, I will similarly look fondly back on Tablet's debut in November 2002.

The team is getting ready for a great PDC experience. We have to sell the unsexy aspects of development, but we're up to the task!

random MSDN/TIP update: We've received word that MSDN's process is no longer blocked, and that we're in line to be propped. When that will be, is still anybody's guess.

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