Tablet PC and 64-bit

I don't have a big writeup on 64-bit except to say that we will support both 32-bit and 64-bit development in the Mobile (Tablet) SDK.

So for all none of you who have a 64-bit Tablet, you'll be able to run any 64-bit apps that may be written by developers using 32-bit Tablets. Did that make sense?

I just wanted to keep you posted because a couple of weeks ago, I found a bug that, when traced fully back, was due to a change made for 64-bit.

Don't worry! It's fixed now. I do kind of wish I had a 64-bit Tablet to verify the fix though...<wishful daydreaming>

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  1. Hi Hilton,

    Thanks for the update. I’m suprised to hear that you don’t have access to an Averatec since it is the only 64 bit Tablet PC that’s shipped. At least with it you could test the 64 bit code to try and prevent these problems.

    Chris De Herrera


    Tablet PC Talk

  2. HPClean says:

    Averatec is not 62 Bits: it use AMD XP Mobile CPU and it is only working in 64 Bits mode. Actually, there is no 64 Bits Tablet PC on the market

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