Vista Beta 1: Applications Compatibility

By now, if you haven't been scared off of running Vista Beta 1, nothing will scare you, so I might as well share this: the Tablet PC Experience Pack won't install on Vista Beta 1 either. I actually reported this to the responsible team a while back, but haven't been able to tell you til Vista Beta 1 was released publicly.

There are other avenues of app compat pain too - I installed a release candidate Vista at home and couldn't install Asheron's Call Throne of Destiny because it looks for "IE6 and later". Well guess what, we're moving on to IE7, so Turbine had better update their install logic, or we will have to implement a compatibility hack similar to the one used for drivers and other executables.

If this keeps up, Windows will just be an environment that runs Virtual PCs. We'll have Petahertz CPUs with Petabyte storage, in a package that you can clip to a lanyard (a la WMA players) all just so that we can run Virtual PCs hosting old Windows. 

Sometimes I crack myself up...

(update 8/2/05: fixed typo "Petabye" (sic) and removed "Windows" from title)

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  1. "Sometimes I crack myself up…

    And those of us following your posts as well. LOL.

  2. WNewquay says:

    Just a note about Snagit by TechSmith.

    This works fine under Beta 1 except that by default it installs an add-in to Internet Explorer. (You can opt-out during the installation routine).

    The add-in doesn’t work and sends IE into a loop of unrecoverable errors.

    Fortunately the add-in can be removed separately with the Control Panel (Remove Programs).

  3. Hilton Locke (MSFT) says:

    Thanks for the comments!

    About Snagit, it’s almost certain that since IE has totally changed from IE6 to IE7, that the add-in portion will have to be rewritten for IE7.

    Also, as an aside (well, I forgot to mention it in the body of my post), the Tablet PC SDK 1.7 won’t install on Vista Beta 1 either. I hear there’s going to be a Vista Platform SDK available "real soon now" but til then, you Tablet developers should stay on XPSP2 Tablet Edition 2005 aka Lonestar.

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