Vista Beta1 is done!

Well, that wasn't too long to wait was it?

Tablet users: you will likely want to approach Vista Beta 1 slowly, as this is primarily an infrastructure release for us and many of the user interface items (read: Tablet PC Input Panel, Journal, et al) are not in this release. We will be making an interim version of the Input Panel available for installation on Vista Beta 1, but I do not have final details on that just yet.

As with any other prerelease software, back up your system first and be prepared to restore from that backup.

Seattle PI link:

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  1. What Is New says:

    Microsoft Windows Vista Beta 1 is now available to MSDN Subscribers. I’m late at getting the word out,…

  2. Ruju6 says:

    Are you only going to release the Input Panel or also Journal for Vista Beta 1? Is it going to come in the form of a simple exe to run or will we have to upgrade the OS?

  3. Ruju6 says:

    I also have another question. What tablets are Microsoft testing Vista on? M200’s? Though I realize that not all gfx cards are supported and that the GUI is not nearly finalized or enabled – Vista’s visual effects are not enabled on a default installation on a top of the line m200 – are they using IBM’s or Fujitsu’s?

  4. Mark Payton says:

    Will the Tablet extensions be posted for us MSDN users or just for official beta testers? I’ve got a Tablet all set to test on, but it won’t be much use without those extensions.


  5. I was really thinking about trying out Vista on my Tablet but the Tablet Input Panel (TIP) was a glaring…

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