Gnomedex: what is that giant sucking sound?

Hrmph. Had I only known ahead of time, I'd be a) rich because I could predict the stock market; b) famous because I could predict the future and c) a bit less peeved at how Tablets were shown at Gnomedex.

If you attended the event, you know that this particular event was more party and socializing/networking than it was serious product showcase. Why were we here? What you might not know is that we had the traveling Tablet roadshow set up up the green escalator on 5th floor of the library. What's that you say? Up there was sponsors-only? There was nothing happening up on 5th floor except good view for picture-taking? Yup, just 20 Tablets and 6 people, eager to show off some of the latest Tablet hardware around.

In fairness to Lora and whomever else was responsible for setting up this gig, I wasn't much help publicizing our presence. I went down to the 3rd (main gathering) floor and got into a conversation with somebody I knew from a previous group at MS. He's doing web hosting/services for the Democratic Party now.  Must be nice to be wealthy and motivated <grin>.

For the people we did see up in the "Blogging Area", we did a pretty decent job of showing off what Tablet can do for people vs ordinary notebooks. "Can your notebook PC do this?" was certainly apt, as this crowd appeared filled with shoestring budgets and people doing a lot of self-funding of projects. At the end of the night, Lora guessed we had seen about 100 people, which was slow for a tradeshow, but decent considering the night's conditions.

Shoutouts and thanks go to: Lora, Emi, Andre the Intern, Deena and Maurice, Chris and Ponzi, Buzz, Doug (hi Laura!), the Hive and the guy who took the Microsoft-sponsored jacket that was handed out earlier in the day and "altered it" to be completely devoid of commercial markings. Oh, and that podcast-in-a-box robot roaming the floor was damn cool.

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