TechEd05: Day 0

The flight down for me was great - plane was full, plenty of attendees chattering about the event. Buzz is good.

The family though, wasn't as happy. My daughter was not happy with flying, and cried much of the trip (SEA (Seattle) -> IAD (Dulles) -> MCO (Orlando)). My son though, was great on this trip. After getting this report, I think I'll be vacationing closer to home, without so much flying...

For all the word that we'll have 12,000 attendees at TechEd, I'm not sure I believe them. OK, yeah, they're not all going to show up at any one place at once (not even the keynote), but only the transportation links (air travel into Orlando, shuttle buses from the hotels) give any hint that TechEd is Microsoft's largest annual conference.

Typical travel boo-boo: I printed out my week's schedule and *doh* forgot to bring it with me.

Haven't had much time to explore yet, still trying to appease two masters (family, work) at the same time.

I'll post again tonight, hopefully, after the exhibit hall closes (9pm EDT).

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