Hardware just keeps getting cheaper and more powerful

Sometimes I feel sorry for those electrical engineering grads who are constantly racing to develop the next new thing.
But then I remember that I am a Microbiology/Molecular Biology double-degree who had to scratch and claw his way to decent grades against all the pre-meds, pre-comp. sci and pre-bioengineers. It took me 5 years, but I did get two pieces of paper for my wall.

Computer Geeks has the Averatec C3500 Tablet, which was new only last November (a short 6 months ago), for only $799 with Secret Savings Code "GEEKTABLET2" (exp 6/10/05). Wow! This is a decent, mid-range machine.

From $1399 MSRP to liquidation at $799. The market rolls on ever faster for hardware OEMs.

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  1. john cowart says:

    At least it keeps them in a job. 🙂

  2. That it does, always onward. But part of the reason for that liquidation is the Averatec C3600 (FIC T2300) Tablet PC. =) New Motion (LE1600), the Acer Travelmate C310 and Itronix’s Duo-Touch already announced. IBM in June (or July), the M200 successor (Optical Drive, geForce 6600) in Sept., with an Acer C110 successor also slated, and Tatung TTAB A12D in July and Tatung TTAB C12D in 2006 (with Napa!!). Plus the "red" FIC SlateVision T2300 Convertible. No news on a TC1100 successor, sigh. But all that with Tecra M4, R15, TC4200 and ST5000/T4010 still making inroads.

  3. Matt Ranlett says:

    I’d recommend staying away from that particular hardware. I own the Averatec and have used it for six months now. The tablet features are great, but the machine itself has the absolute worst battery life I’ve encountered in a laptop and the machine gets really REALLY hot. So hot that carrying it is painful and using it as a laptop with keyboard makes your palms sweaty….

    See you at TechEd!

  4. Worst battery life Averatec? Close, but no dice. Forget not the NEC, where battery life was measured almost in seconds, the Japan-only PC-98NX improved things some, but not by much. The Averatec C3500 was a no-frills entry-level Tablet at start, and it won’t age well, but the pricing is good.

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