Betas upon pre-betas upon buddy bits…

Just in case some of you out there think we don't eat our own dogfood, even though we say it loudly enough, I tried to install the new Avalon+Indigo RC1 bits posted on Unfortunately, the bits won't install on my Longhorn machine.

My own test environment for Longhorn consists of (of course) two Tablets, a slate and a convertible, as well as a desktop with external digitizer attached.

Longhorn on Tablets is looking very good for Beta1. Provided we can work out some of the last wrinkles that are preventing even wider dogfooding, you'll be very happy with Beta1 bits on a Tablet.

What is your dev machine's config? Do you develop ink-enabled apps on anything other than what I have in my test environment?

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  1. Fred Beiderbecke says:

    I’m using an Averatec with 60gig, 1 gig RAM. I have VS2003 with Agilix Infinotes installed. In a VPC, I’ve been running VS2005 beta2. Out of curiosity, can the tablet os be installed in a vpc and get the inking?

    Just starting out on Tablet development. I’m trying to squeeze it in with work, family and the rest of my life.


  2. MSDN Archive says:

    Yes you can install TabletOS to a VPC, but you will only get inking-as-mouse, not true pen functionality.

    One of the limitations of VPCs in areas like TabletPC or Media Center is that the hardware emulation has to be very generic in VPCs, and specialized add-ins have to be developed to support Tablet or MCE functionality. So far, nobody that I know of has implemented such add-ins for VPC.

  3. Sean McLeod says:

    What external digitizer do you use and does it give you full inking capabilities or only inking-as-mouse?

    Is it possible to get both the Tablet PC OS and MCE 2005 OS installed on one machine? I’m a developer who would like to develop for both and ideally have both OS add-on packages running on my development PC.

  4. MSDN Archive says:

    I use a Wacom Intuos2 6×8 USB tablet for my testing. Wacom is currently the dominant digitizer manufacturer for Tablets. The exceptions are the HP tc1000 which uses a digitizer by Finepoint and the Averatec line which uses another OEM’ed digitizer whose name I forget.

    As of this writing, I am not able to get the external digitizer to act as a pen in LH, only as a mouse.

    In the XP SP2 days, we used some shims in addition to the publicly available Wacom driver to make it act as a pen. Wacom has since incorporated these shims into their publicly available driver AFAIK. If they haven’t, contact them and complain 🙂

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