Goodbye, farewell, and thanks for supporting Tablet!

Well, it’s about time for me to blog again. My privileges were suspended following that last posting here caused a small ruckus. You may have seen my name/posting referenced on ZDnet, Engadget, Cnet, Fake Steve Jobs, Seattle PI, among others. This posting is my announcement that I am leaving Microsoft for the great unknown. Not…


Dell Latitude XT Tablet on the website!

Unfortunately, not yet available for order that I can tell. Also, I want to apologize to the Tablet fans out there for not posting for so long. Reorgs, moving buildings, and Windows 7 work have all conspired against blogging here. I will say that if you are impressed by the “touch features” in the…


Lenovo X-series batteries failing (and what to do about it)

I had to have my battery replaced after a mere 30-something cycles. While I was whining about it to my Lenovo rep, my office-neighbor called out that she too, had suffered from a battery issue exactly like mine. After getting our batteries replaced, I haven’t had any issues with the replacement. However, I’ve seen quite…


MVP chat June 21, 2007

Hi all, Windows Experience is hosting their regular monthly MVP chat Thursday, June 21, 2007 at 10am Pacific.   “The audience for this chat will be mostly our worldwide Windows Shell MVPs, but a few others such as Tablet, Printing and IE may show up as well. ”   I am planning on being on…


Dell Tablet announced??

Could it be? The last major OEM still not producing a Tablet PC might be ready to join the fold. Doesn’t sound too interesting, from what little detail is in the article.,39042972,62014041,00.htm “We wanted to wait for Vista and the Santa Rosa [Centrino Pro] ultra-low voltage platform,”


Thanks MIXers! Thanks MEDCers!

I had a great time meeting you and talking with you about UMPCs, Tablet PCs and Windows Vista. I have received valuable feedback from you regarding form factors, “must-have” components and usability, which I will be passing back up to our Business Development team. I hope you had as good and productive a show as I…


Lenovo x60T Radio Control

For a while now, I have wondered how to turn off the WWAN and Bluetooth radios in my x60. Thanks to a program manager who finally asked the question, and to the Lenovo System Engineer who answered, I now know the secret. And I’m sharing with you. If your system is up-to-date with System Update, you…


MIX and MEDC in less than two weeks!

I’m scheduled to make appearances at MIX – a 72 hour conversation and MEDC – Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference in Las Vegas, April 29th – May 3rd. I’m looking forward to seeing you, perhaps for the last time in-person. You see, after Windows Vista shipped, reorganizations happened that effectively cut Tablet’s participation in conferences to…


The 3GB-not-4GB RAM problem

Problem statement:I just bought a system with 4GB of physical RAM in it. The BIOS posts 4GB, but Windows tells me that I have anywhere from 2.75 – 3.5GB of RAM. Where is the rest of my RAM? Summary:If you are running 32-bit Windows, you must live with it. You will not ever see all…


Windows Vista clean installs and wireless networking

I’ve been using my Lenovo x60 Tablet for about a month now, and when I’m at home, I’ve not had any wireless connectivity. This wasn’t such a big deal, as I can just plug in. But it’s darn inconvenient! Last week, I was in class (Debugging .NET Applications, by John Robbins) and got a little…