Vista Training Resources

Many of you have asked for Windows Vista training resources, so here you go…

On-demand webcasts

Learn new Tips & Tricks for using Windows Vista

Providing you with useful tools and helpful tips, this site will help you discover how Windows Vista enables you to be more efficient and productive in your daily tasks—and ultimately empowers you to drive success within your company. You’ll also find great webcasts to attend and a helpful cheat sheet to download, so you can easily master new capabilities right now.


Enterprise Learning Framework Tool – The Enterprise Learning Framework (ELF) is a tool that helps organizations develop a training and communication plan for employees during Microsoft Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system deployment.


Windows Help and How-To


E-Learning from Microsoft


Classroom training

Windows Vista and the .NET Framework 3.0 – Learning Portal for Developers



Windows Vista Learning catalog to find the training that works best for you, whether you are an IT professional, a developer, or a member of an enterprise organization.


BDD 2007


Infrastructure Optimization Model


Windows Vista Team Blog


TechNet Technical Library


Microsoft Windows Vista – Learning Portal for IT Professionals

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  1. Debra Dickinson says:

    I am a new user of windows vista I need free info on what I can and can not delete off of C drive. and the programs and disk defragmenting.

    I am also having a problem with my pointer going wacko at times and there is no controlling it! please help!

    Thank you,


    reply to:

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