TechEd Beijing 2006 – 09/20/06

I delivered two talks. Intro to Microsoft Local Search. This was my first time of presenting in Chinese. I am a native Chinese speaker and never doubted for a second about my own capability of speaking Chinese even after nearly 9 years in States. Oh, man, I was so wrong and it was so hard to…

Search Engine Strategy Conf Day 2 – 12/6/2005

Session Notes Session 1 – B2B Search Engines This session has the B2B search engine representatives who shared briefly how they operate and their values compared to horizontal search engines. Chris Sherman, Associate Editor, Mark Cordover, CEO, – Consumer pulls instead of push – Marketing is undergoing a fundamental revolution – Demo of…


Search Engine Strategy Conf Day 1 – 12/5/2005

As some of you may know, I am attending Search Strategy Conference and help MSN Expo Booth. Today is my first day and I had opportunity to catch a couple of sessions I’d like to share with you. Tomorrow, I will help out MSN booth and may not have much opportunity to attend sessions. Let…


Kelsey Group Conf – March 27, 2006

Here is the first time I could catch up my blog after the move. I will update you with some conferences I attended first. Kelsey Group Conf – March 27, 2006 Summary of day 1 This is my first time to attend Kelsey Group conference. Overall, I felt this conference is more advertiser targeted based on…


Bye to Visual Studio, Moved to Search

It has been nearly one year since I moved from Visual Studio team to Windows Live Local Search team. I am having great time. So much we could do in this space. It is simply exciting! Feel free to check out and send me your feedback.

My second day at PDC05

Today is still the pre-conference day which means I may still have trouble to get in (Microsoft puts the customer first and doesn’t want its employees to compete the seats with its customers). I spent some time to help setting up code4fun lounge (my booth duty) today. I can’t believe so much cool applications were…

My first day at PDC05

  I am very excited about PDC05. I arrived LA on Sat night. I heard PDC usually generates a lot of excitement in the developer community and I immediately felt the energy of this PDC from a dev lead from MS and an architectur from ISV as soon as landed LA airport. He is so passionate about PDC and…


VC++ Express couples with Half-Life 2

I could not help to share this great news from Brian Keller with you. Microsoft issued a joint press release on 08/31with Valve Software, the makers of the hugely popular Half-Life 2 PC game, in which Valve has endorsed Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition as the preferred tool for creating customizations to, and completely new games…


Help us to have a better Framework deployment story

Microsoft is now planning the next wave of its development tools and platforms. We acknowledge the impact that runtime deployment has on the ability to develop applications and are interested in hearing more about ISVs needs. For those of you who are going to attend PDC 2005 in Los Angeles, you will also have an…


Manually remove Framework 1.0 and 1.1

Please see Aaron’s blog at