My second day at PDC05

Today is still the pre-conference day which means I may still have trouble to get in (Microsoft puts the customer first and doesn’t want its employees to compete the seats with its customers). I spent some time to help setting up code4fun lounge (my booth duty) today. I can’t believe so much cool applications were…


My first day at PDC05

  I am very excited about PDC05. I arrived LA on Sat night. I heard PDC usually generates a lot of excitement in the developer community and I immediately felt the energy of this PDC from a dev lead from MS and an architectur from ISV as soon as landed LA airport. He is so passionate about PDC and…


VC++ Express couples with Half-Life 2

I could not help to share this great news from Brian Keller with you. Microsoft issued a joint press release on 08/31with Valve Software, the makers of the hugely popular Half-Life 2 PC game, in which Valve has endorsed Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition as the preferred tool for creating customizations to, and completely new games…


Help us to have a better Framework deployment story

Microsoft is now planning the next wave of its development tools and platforms. We acknowledge the impact that runtime deployment has on the ability to develop applications and are interested in hearing more about ISVs needs. For those of you who are going to attend PDC 2005 in Los Angeles, you will also have an…


Manually remove Framework 1.0 and 1.1

Please see Aaron’s blog at 


Manual Uninstall using MSIZAP

Sometimes the VS component may not appear in the add/remove program list, but VS setup thinks it is installed. Below are some steps you could try to perform manual clean up if the uninstall fails either by using the uninstall tool or uninstalling through the add/remove program entries. Visit VS uninstall instructions at to get a…


VS 2005 Diagnostic and Uninstall Tool

We have VS 2005 uninstall tool here. This tool is to help automating the VS 2005 uninstall instructions here .  We also plan to post a troubleshoot tool soon. Please stay tuned and check Aaron’s blog or my blog. The diagnostic and uninstall tool offers the following feature. 1.       Automates VS2005 uninstall instructions here . This uninstalls…


VS 2005 Uninstall Instructions (updated version)

If you decide to manually uninstall without using the tool, be sure to uninstall the .NET Framework 2.0 last. Note: The tool will uninstall ALL pre-release Visual Studio 2005 editions such as Visual Studio Express, Visual Studio Team System, Professional and Standard edition. Uninstalling Previous Versions of Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions Go to the…


Your feedback on Beta2 install experience

We released Beta 2 Visual Studio Express products 6 weeks ago.  We have been listening to your feedback through forums, Watson feedback data (you can opt-in such program at the beginning of the setup) etc. We published a tool to help uninstalling Beta/CTP program. I appreciated your feedback to make VS 2005 better. I am wondering your experience/thoughts in a few…


Avalanche – an efficient P2P file transfer technology from Cambridge

 Will you be interested in the technology that could potentially save $$$ and speed our download, especially for the big files? Please read on if yes.   As we notice download is more error prone when there is a download surge. The download center’s package success rate grows much lower as the package size grows…