Optimizing WPF ("Avalon") Application Performance

While we’re still tuning the platform, there are tips & tricks that you can use to optimize your WPF application’s performance.  Where can you find these?  Check out the performance whitepaper that Kiran has put together.  As we go, we’ll update and eventually get posted on MSDN.


Windows Vista UX Guidlines

I got a question about this while I was at the PDC.  I see they’re now posted on MSDN.


Back from L.A.

I just got back into Seattle last night.  I’ll get my samples posted as soon as have some free time.


In L.A.: Electricity

Made it to L.A.!  The weather is beautiful.  Biggest event so far?  Downtown L.A. lost power for about 30 minutes (and I’ve been here all of about 3 hours); I was having lunch with Fil in the hotel lobby when it happened.  MSNBC already has an article.


MSN Messenger 7.5 – Free Voice Conversations!

I just tried MSN Messenger 7.5.  What can I say?  Amazing. The Messenger team is cookin’!  Seems like everytime I’ve installed a new version of MSNIM there’s been some useful new feature I’ve found even if it seems insignificant. MSNIM 7.5’s new feature?  Free voice conversations.  A friend of mine was in Vancouver, British Columbia…


T-Minus 3 Days

The PDC is almost here!!!  Just imagine:  Thousands of developers descending upon L.A. to find out all about new Microsoft technologies.  But it’s not just that; it’s that this technology will change not only software but the world!  Even though the PDC is a lot of work and many of us here at MS could probably…


PDC 2005, here I come!

The PDC is almost here and I’m excited! I’ve been working on my presentation.  I’ll be giving PRS329 – Windows Presentation Foundation (“Avalon”): Building User Interface with Advanced Layout Techniques.  If there was something you wanted to know about Avalon Layout, this is a talk for you.  I’m still fine tuning the talk, so, if…


WinFX Runtime Components Beta 1 is released!

Download it here – http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=CE888B4C-CCBD-452F-9D90-F4B7190CCA24&displaylang=en