Receive WebHooks from Azure Alerts and Kudu (Azure Web App Deployment)

Posted a new blog on receiving WebHooks from Azure Alerts and Kudu (Azure Web App Deployment) and how to monitor your Azure Web App with Kudu and Azure Alert WebHooks using  Microsoft ASP.NET WebHooks. Have fun! Henrik


Getting Started With ASP.NET Web Stack Source on CodePlex

Note: Updated instructions to target Visual Studio 2012. While you can still use Visual Studio 2010 there are big advantages to using VS 2012. Note: Please also check out the documentation on Codeplex for how to build. As you probably know by now, ASP.NET MVC, Web Pages, Web API is now all open source (if…


ASP.NET Web API Released and a Preview of What’s Next

Today we announced the release of Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 which of course includes ASP.NET Web API. There is a ton of new features in VS 2012 and I highly recommend checking out the videos by Scott Hanselman demonstrating a broad set of features of VS 2012 and .NET 4.5. In addition to…


ASP.NET Web API Samples on Codeplex

Here’s how to get up and running with the ASP.NET Web API and HttpClient samples that you can find in our samples repository on For a list of the samples please see List of ASP.NET Web API and HttpClient Samples as well as our list of samples on Prerequisites The samples are split…


HttpClient, HttpClientHandler, and WebRequestHandler Explained

In two previous blogs I describe how to use HttpClient as well as how to use the HttpMessageHandler pipeline. What we haven’t done explicitly is showing when and how to use HttpClient, HttpClientHandler, and WebRequestHandler. This is the purpose of this blog. The first thing to remember is that HttpClient uses the HttpMessageHandler pipeline for…


Performance Implications of Bundling and Minification on Web Browsing

In this blog we analyze the impact of bundling, minification, compression, and pipelining on HTTP performance and in particular the impact on traditional browser scenarios. First we look at the impact of bundling and minification on the content in terms of size. Then we look at the impact of bundling and minification on download and…


ASP.NET Web API Updates – May 14

We have been on a roll with respect to changes over the last few weeks – here’s some of the highlights. If you want to see the full list then you can either track the commit page or follow the project which will then show you the updates on your codeplex home page. As in…


ASP.NET Web API Updates – May 3

Some interesting updates were checked in over the last week. As in the previous update this is a sneak-peak of code checked into our CodePlex source code repository but hasn’t yet been released as part of our official installer. See Using Nightly ASP.NET Web Stack NuGet Packages for how to try out these features. Per-Route…


Async Mashups using ASP.NET Web API

This blog shows an example of how to build an ASP.NET Web API ApiController that asynchronously talks to multiple other Web APIs in parallel without blocking a thread on the server. Btw, if you have detected a certain theme in these blogs around using Tasks with ASP.NET Web API then you are indeed on to…


Asynchronous File Upload using ASP.NET Web API

HTML Form File upload (defined in RFC 1867) is a classic mechanism for uploading content to a Web server and is supported by all browsers that I am aware of. This blog shows how to handle Form File Upload in ASP.NET Web API asynchronously using the Task-based pattern introduced in .NET 4 and enhanced in…