ASP.NET WebHooks and Slack Slash Commands (Link)

We just added a couple of new features in ASP.NET WebHooks that make it easier to build some nice integrations with Slack Slash Commands. Slash Commands make it possible to trigger any kind of processing from a Slack channel by generating an HTTP request containing details about the command. For example, these commands typed in a Slack channel can be configured to send an HTTP request to an ASP.NET WebHook endpoint where processing can happen:

/list add <user>
/list list
/list remove <user>
Responses from Slash Commands can be structured documents containing text, data, images, and more:


In the post ASP.NET WebHooks and Slack Slash Commands we describe how ASP.NET WebHooks help you with parsing Slash Commands and generate structured responses so that you can build cool integrations with Slack.

Have fun!


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