Link to List of ASP.NET Web API and HttpClient Samples

Posted the blog List of ASP.NET Web API and HttpClient Samples on the .NET Web Development and Tools Blog

Have fun! 


Comments (2)

  1. Tony says:


    I would like to use HttpClient to asynchronously download chunked content. Could you please provide some pointers on how would one go about implementing it.

  2. Michael says:


    I have the same query as Tony, see:…/webapi-how-to-process-multiple-json-objects-in-response-stream

    In Java world (jersey) we have ChunkedOutput and ChunkedInput – this makes reading/writing separate Json objects over a stream easy. The difficulty I have is how to I read a stream '<json object>rn<json object>…." efficiently? i.e. where I have a lot of objects and don't want to serialize as a complete Json array.

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