I Am in Love with LINQ

I have been reviewing LINQ since last year, but I had never had a chance to actually jump and use it extensively. My last project uses Visual Studio 2008, and there are opportunities to use LINQ. Probably because I have reviewed it before, the learning curve was not that steep. I use LINQ to SQL…


Dynamically Getting Namespaces in an XML

I have a utility that process XML files, ideally, I would like to be able to feed XQueries into the application, the problem was, the xml files have namespaces. So far, all examples on how to use XQuery with XmlNamespaceManager requires hard coded namespace, that means I need to know the URI and the prefix….


Unwanted Meta tag after xlst processing.

I have an xslt that I use to generate a nice HTML representation of Visual Studio unit test result file (.trx), Last week, I discovered a problem, that the generated HTML includes an unwanted META tag. I did not have meta tag in the xslt, and it is bad because the meta tag does not have…