Windows 7 Shortcuts

I read this article that I found really helpful. It covers some keyboard shortcuts that can be useful. My favorites have always been Win+Keypad and Shift+Right Click on a folder, now I found out more.

IE 8 RC 1 is Now Available for Download

I downloaded and installed IE 8 RC 1 on my machine. It works really well, the performance improvement is significant. I would encourage you to give it a try, Disclaimer, this is an Release Candidate, not RTM. There could be some issues, but overall, this is really good.

How to Get IIS Web Sites Information Programmatically

I needed to get the location of IIS log files on my servers, after doing a quick investigation, I am quite amazed on how much information are exposed via managed code. This snippet will return the name of the sites and the location of the log files. foreach (DirectoryEntry Site in new DirectoryEntry("IIS://" + System.Environment.MachineName…

Switching Between Applications, Using Vista Flip3D

I like Flip3D, but I rarely use it, as I am accustomed switching between applications by pressing alt-tab. Using mouse to click that ‘switch between Windows’ is too slow. Did you know that you can activate Flip3D by pressing the Win key + tab? Switch the tab around by clicking either Win+Tab or Shift+Win+Tab.

Windows Search 4.0 was Released

Shame on me, I just found out that Windows Search 4.0 was released. Check this kb article on what is new, and to get the download link. btw, it has a package for Windows Home Server. 🙂