Switching Between Applications, Using Vista Flip3D

I like Flip3D, but I rarely use it, as I am accustomed switching between applications by pressing alt-tab. Using mouse to click that ‘switch between Windows’ is too slow. Did you know that you can activate Flip3D by pressing the Win key + tab? Switch the tab around by clicking either Win+Tab or Shift+Win+Tab.


Photo Editing and Management in Windows Vista

Are you looking for a photo management and photo editing tools? If you are using Windows Vista, Windows Photo Gallery can do those thing. I just recently discovered it, I have to admit that I did not know all the features in Windows Vista <blush>. I was assisting a friend of mine, he wants to…


Why does my application requires an elevated privilege?

I am writing an internal utility, and it bugged me that my utility requires an elevated privilege. I like the UAC prompt in Windows Vista, if an app tries to do something critical, I would like to know who wants to do it, and why. The why part sometimes are not clear, but it is…


Using X86 COM interop with ASP.Net application in Windows x64

It has been almost two months since my last post. It has been very busy here.. I got several good notes with one my previous post, about using x86 COM interop in x64 environment. I also had few questions about using x86 COM interop with ASP.Net application in the 64-bit Windows, such as Windows Server…


New thing in Vista, Copy as Path

I discovered something really nice in Vista. You can press shift and right-click on a file name on the Windows Explorer, a new context sensitive menu item is added to the pop-up menu, ‘Copy as Path’. This is awesome as it will copy the path including the file name to the clipboard. I wish this menu…