Productivity Power Tools for Visual Studio 2010

I just installed Visual Studio 2010 on a different machine, and I noticed I missed several things that I really enjoyed on my primary machine. I was looking for a missing updates, and my machine and Visual Studio is fully updated. I realized, I did not install productivity power tools. If you have not used…


How to Install Assemblies to the GAC Programmatically?

You can add or remove assemblies from the GAC using code. You can use Publish.GacInstall method to install an assembly to the GAC, or Publish.GacRemove method to remove that assembly from the GAC. If you are using Vista, and enable UAC, you have to run this code using elevated command (run as Administrator), otherwise it…


CustomActionData and User Defined Path

When designing a setup project, you can define text boxes dialog to input a file system path. To process the input that the user has entered, usually a custom action is created to handle the user input, and the user input is passed through CustomActionData property. Unfortunately, there are several problems when dealing with path….


Having Fun with VS Setup Project – Database Deployment

I was given a new task, to create an installer for internal use. I wrote installer before, but it was three years ago, a lot of things have changed. One of the installer task is to create a sql server db using a script. After much reading, searching, and testing, I got into this msdn…