How to Find Out Which Column Caused SSIS to Fail?

In my previous post, I explained how you can find out the error description for the error id that is returned by SSIS. Of course, that information is only half helpful, debugging the issue also involve knowing which column caused that error. The Error Column returns an integer value which is also a little bit…


How to Convert a list of Object/String to an Array Using LINQ?

This is something that I really like, I can convert a list of objects into an array of something. I had a need to convert a list of string into an array of string, of course it can be done easily in several different ways, creating an array of int, converting the string element, and…


I Am in Love with LINQ

I have been reviewing LINQ since last year, but I had never had a chance to actually jump and use it extensively. My last project uses Visual Studio 2008, and there are opportunities to use LINQ. Probably because I have reviewed it before, the learning curve was not that steep. I use LINQ to SQL…


Free Microsoft Press e-books (LINQ, ASP.Net AJAX, Silverlight)

Microsoft is offering free e-books from Microsoft Press. The subjects that I have seen, LINQ, ASP.Net AJAX, and Silverlight 1.0. All of these are introduction e-books. Those are new cool technologies. I would like to encourage you to take advantage of this free e-books here.