In God We Trust, Everybody Else Must Bring Data

One day, I was presented with a problem, that the finalizer was not called during application pool recycle. I was busy, so I did not have chance to respond. Later on, I checked the code, it was modified to inherit from CriticalFinalizerObject class, and a comment saying that even though the class is inherited from…

Replacing ASMX Web Service with WCF Web Service

I found a good article about replacing ASMX web wervice with WCF web service here (ASMX to WCF migration). Very cool, and my client application do not need to be recompiled. Just one thing that I notice, I believe on step 3, instead of XmlSerializerAttribute it should be XmlSerializerFormat. Have fun!

Free Microsoft Press e-books (LINQ, ASP.Net AJAX, Silverlight)

Microsoft is offering free e-books from Microsoft Press. The subjects that I have seen, LINQ, ASP.Net AJAX, and Silverlight 1.0. All of these are introduction e-books. Those are new cool technologies. I would like to encourage you to take advantage of this free e-books here.


Using X86 COM interop with ASP.Net application in Windows x64

It has been almost two months since my last post. It has been very busy here.. I got several good notes with one my previous post, about using x86 COM interop in x64 environment. I also had few questions about using x86 COM interop with ASP.Net application in the 64-bit Windows, such as Windows Server…


Code Coverage result from ASP.Net project

One thing that I love from Visual Studio 2005 unit testing is the code coverage result. Obtaining code coverage result for ASP.Net projects it little bit tricky. From my experience, the requirements are: IIS must be in the same box where you run your test assemblies. You have to be the admin on that box,…