rocks! Image search is the best.

I am saying this not because I am a Microsoft employee. is cool. I love the image search the best, it beats other image search engine that I know.Several reasons why it is better: I can resize the image search result. I can drag images that I want to review to the scratch pad….


Thou shalt not bring liquid to the airport

I know this is an old news; I have been very busy lately.You cannot bring liquid unless it is a baby formula, if you have some medicine, you have to taste it. I guess I can no longer bring some laxative then…


Today is a SAAD day….

Happy SAAD day! Today is the last Friday in July, it is the System Administrator Appreciation Day! 😉


Code Coverage result from ASP.Net project

One thing that I love from Visual Studio 2005 unit testing is the code coverage result. Obtaining code coverage result for ASP.Net projects it little bit tricky. From my experience, the requirements are: IIS must be in the same box where you run your test assemblies. You have to be the admin on that box,…


Redirecting scheduled task output to a file.

Scheduled task is very helpful, the problem that I had, I was unable to get the output of the batch process that was executed by the scheduled task.I tried to redirect the output using > as follow:Batchfile > C:\Batch_Result.txtand nothing happened. I do not know why.The solution was actually very simple, use >> instead of…


Hello World!

Hello!Let me introduce myself, my name is Erwien Saputra, and yes, I work at Microsoft.I love software development, it is also one of my main hobby. I even named this blog ‘Hello World”. 🙂What you will see in this blog? Mainly things that I discovered to help me to do better at work, tips and…