Windows Hardware Compatibility List for Windows RT

Just bought a Surface RT device? Congratulations! I purchased a Microsoft Surface RT, and I am very happy with mine. If you want to know if your device works with your new Surface RT, check Windows Hardware Compatibility List for Windows RT.


Metrics and Information for Your Windows Phone 7 App

So you wrote and published Windows Phone 7 apps, and of course you want to know how well your apps are doing. Below are some resources to help you see the reviews left for your apps from different part of the world. If you want to see the metrics for ranking and download…


Productivity Power Tools for Visual Studio 2010

I just installed Visual Studio 2010 on a different machine, and I noticed I missed several things that I really enjoyed on my primary machine. I was looking for a missing updates, and my machine and Visual Studio is fully updated. I realized, I did not install productivity power tools. If you have not used…


Free Electronic Book: Programming Windows Phone 7

You can get a free ebook, Programming Windows Phone 7, by Charles Petzold here:


Windows 7 Shortcuts

I read this article that I found really helpful. It covers some keyboard shortcuts that can be useful. My favorites have always been Win+Keypad and Shift+Right Click on a folder, now I found out more.


Understanding WPF Dependency Property and Attached Property

One of my biggest challenge to understand WPF is the concept of attached property and dependency property. Every time I ask someone, I have a slightly different answer. I think I have a good grasp of the concept, this is how I can explain how dependency property and Attached Property works. Dependency Property This is…


Exposing WCF REST Interface, Step by Step

It is really hard for me to think another way to build services, other than WCF. WCF team did a very good job handling all the necessary plumbing. This post shows a quick tutorial on how to expose a WCF service as a REST service, using IIS. This post assumes that there is already a…



I just found out that Bill Gates joins Twitter (link), and also has a facebook account (link).


Attaching an Event Handler

Whenever I need to attach an event handler, usually I use one of these methods, a delegate, anonymous method, or lambda expression. For complex events (more than 3 lines of code), I create a separate method. If the method is short, I use anonymous method. But if the event is just one line, I use…


How to Give Authenticated Users or Everyone Access to Your Share Programmatically

Another follow-up from my previous article, Programmatically Configuring Permissions on a Share, David B asked a question, how to share a folder to Everyone, instead of to a specific users. This article will answer that question, based on the code on my previous article. That is an interesting question, since ‘Everyone’ can be replaced with…