Microsoft OneApp – what is that thing?

Okay, so this is officially my second week in the OneApp team, and I must say I am really impressed with the group…sharp cookies one and all.  I am definitely bringing down the bell curve here 🙂 But I am equally as jazzed around the opportunities that OneApp will bring to mobile developers world wide. …


WM 6.0 and 6.1 Support in Windows Marketplace for Mobile

If you haven’t heard the news already, we will be supporting WM6.0/6.1/6.5 in the Windows Marketplace for Mobile.  This is great news for app devs, as it gives you all over 30 million sockets that are already existing world wide 🙂 Here is Todd Brix’s blog entry around the announce.


Windows Mobile Marketplace FAQ…and good news :)

The Marketplace team has just announced some more details around the ‘Windows Marketplace for Mobile’, which I think is great news:   Q: Do I need to pay the $99 fee again to submit an application update? A: No, if your application has been previously certified and published in the catalog, you can submit subsequent…


Tech Days and Windows Mobile Development

If you are planning on going to Tech Days, there will be a pretty good line-up of Windows Mobile sessions: Developing Mobile Applications with Visual Studio 2005/2008 Abstract:  Visual Studio 2008 brings lot of improvements for mobile developers, and Windows Mobile 6 SDKs tools that allow developers easier and faster solution development. This session will…


Good Business Week read about Windows Mobile and the challenges ahead

If you didn’t catch it already, here is a good read about Window Mobile and the catch-up game that we need to play.  "We’re going to double-down on the Windows brand," says Todd Peters, head of marketing for Microsoft’s mobile communications business. He says to expect a major advertising push. "When people go shopping in…


Windows Mobile is a Viable Mobile Platform

Here’s a fun read from Michael Gartenberg ————————– Media Bistro, Michael Gartenberg, December 5, 2008 "Last week, I jokingly suggested that Microsoft’s Zune was the Rodney Dangerfield of tech. I was wrong, I think it’s Windows Mobile that like Rodney, is lately, getting no respect…making the right choice of platform and device is a…


“I Like Windows Mobile and Am Not Ashamed To Admit It”

Full text of the article and links below 🙂 ——————————————————————- I like Windows Mobile and am not ashamed to admit it ZDNet, Matthew Miller, October 30, 2008 A couple weeks ago Om Malik wrote an article in the NY Times titled, Why Windows Mobile is in Trouble, and most of the focus was on…


iPhone alternatives on Fox News

Okay, so normally I would be the LAST person to recommend anyone actually go to Fox News, but our very own Scott Rockfield was on the Fox Business Channel this morning talking about Windows Mobile and the alternatives to the iPhone. I’ve talked about our public perception on this blog in the past (or total…


The Windows Mobile Ecosystem for Developers

July is a special time around Microsoft.  It’s the start of a new fiscal year… which is kind of like the calm after the storm.  A few weeks ago, this place was nuts…closing out business, writing performance reviews…clock ticking, time running out to meet those metrics.  Once July hits, it’s a brand new game.  A…