Application Verifier Tip – “EnableShimEngine”

I’ve been seeing a number of reports from developers taking their first lap with Application Verifier related to a common error, “Unable to enable shim engine on device”.   While there are a few different reasons this problem occurs, the most common one is a mismatch in test tool components.  When you download Application Verifier for Windows Mobile 5.0, it’s really easy to overlook a couple of instructions in the download link that tell you to copy the Windows Mobile bits over the CETK bits.


For systems that have never installed Platform Builder, complete the following additional steps:

1. Install the Windows CE 5.0 Stand Alone CETK (this provides connection libraries needed).

2. Replace the Application verifier binaries in the processor folder for the device type. For example, replace C:\Program Files\Windows CE platform builder\5.00\CEPB\wcetk\DDTK\ARMV4I with C:\Program Files\Application Verifier for Mobile 5.0\Armv4i.


For retail devices you will also need to sign all of the application verifier binaries with the Privileged SDK certificate.


Eric also posted a blog on this issue along with a script to help.  While the App Verifier walk-through video talks about this, there whitepapers won’t remind you.  Be sure you are using the WM bits! =)




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