Application Verifier Tip – “EnableShimEngine”

I’ve been seeing a number of reports from developers taking their first lap with Application Verifier related to a common error, “Unable to enable shim engine on device”.   While there are a few different reasons this problem occurs, the most common one is a mismatch in test tool components.  When you download Application Verifier for…

Windows Mobile 6.5 Walkthru

Guess I don’t have to do this now 🙂 Most of you have probably already seen this video, but if not, it’s a good Windows Mobile 6.5 walkthru.  I’ve been using this for quite a while now, and I must say that I really DO enjoy 6.5 over previous revs. Of course, the hardware is…


FITC Mobile in Canada – are you going to be there?

There will be some good mobile sessions, including some around Windows Mobile development from Mark Arteaga :)  If you plan on going, click this link to get a discount to the event!