Windows Mobile developer support in VS2010?

Recently, because of an ill-worded product description in the VS2010 Smart Devices up on MSDN, MANY folks have been going crazy saying "it's the end of the world for Windows Mobile."

Well, I am here to tell you that that could NOT be farther from the truth.

There will be support for Windows Mobile devolvement in Visual Studio 2010.  You have to remember that the release of VS2010 is a BETA...not all things are baked or ready to be shipped with it.

Also, remember that every version of the Windows Mobile SDK has, to date, shipped out-of-band from the major VS release.  So, this really should not be a big surprise.

As for the official line:

We are absolutely committed to making Visual Studio a great development tool for the Mobile developer. For existing Visual Studio 2008 developers, we will be releasing a new Windows Mobile 6.5 emulator in the upcoming months [weeks hopefully - Hegenderfer] that works with the Windows Mobile 6 SDK. This provides a great solution for existing developers. We will deliver Mobile device tooling for Visual Studio 2010 but we can’t share details at this time.

I hope this helps reassure some folks 🙂

Addition to this post:

Someone brought to my attention this post, and I feel I have to correct it.  Over time, priorities and products change.  We still have not annouced any plans for support of WM 6.X in VS2010.

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  1. Kevin Daly says:

    That’s good news…but it just leaves the current rather unsatisfactory situation.

    I hope someone within the company could promote the idea that in view of Microsoft’s new and welcome recognition that "Holy cow, there’s a non-Enterprisey world out there!" it’s time for smart device development options to be added to down-level versions of Visual Studio – preferably an Express version, but at the very least include it in Standard. Remember you are competing for developer mindshare with platforms whose development tools are *free* (the decision to omit device options from VS 2008 Standard might have come out differently if it had taken into account the people who were not developing for Windows Mobile at all,  because of the expense of Visual Studio – in which case whoever made that decision made the situation *worse*).

  2. Hegey says:

    Kevin, you and I both 🙂

  3. Reed Robison says:

    What Steve said! =)


  4. Also – and perhaps a bit under the radar – the following features are also included in VS2010 (and included in the beta 1 release) – Please note, these work on the compact framework. Dotfuscator CE has been extended to support the injection (post-build) of

    * Feature and session monitoring (streaming usage data to a developer-specified endpoint),

    * Application expiry dates,

    * Tamper defense and notification and

    * Opt-in/Opt-out logic.

    Microsoft first announced this functionality at PDC2008

    If you want a detailed walk through (including vs2010 b1 screen shots), check out Bill Leach’s blog entry at

  5. timlayton says:

    Yes, I was sure that visual studio 2010 would have support for windows mobile development.  Historically this has come in the form of an SDK, but either way, it is great to know for sure that mobile developers will be ready to go for future versions of win mbl development.

  6. tech66 says:

    I’d like to know what/when we can use Silverlight or WPF when developing mobile applications.  

  7. netbuzzr says:

    Is it right, that Windows Mobile 6.5 will not be supported in Visual Studio 10? So if i want to use it i have to work with Visual Studio 2008? Will be Windows Phone 7 supportet in 2008?

  8. Jason says:

    Is there windows mobile support for visual studio's 2010

  9. S says:

    It has been more than one year. VS 2010 still does NOT support mobile development. Considering the size of MS, this is very disappointing.

  10. Developer says:

    Today (end of 2011) its official.. vs 2010 will never support Mobile pre 7.0…/sa69he4t.aspx

  11. Pero says:

    hahaha, I am looking at this at the end of 2013

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