Windows Mobile Getting Good Press? No… :)

Windows Mobile: Alive and well -- and suitable for business

Computerworld, Michael Gartenberg, May 14, 2009

Fun read.

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  1. timlayton says:

    The attached article points out some very strong reasons why windows mobile is a fantastic choice for both consumers and business users.  They have a 13 years history with mobile computing and as stated over 20 million units sold last year alone.  Apple and the other wished they had the sales base of windows mobile and if you look under the covers at the operating system it is clear to see that windows mobile has been doing things (e.g., multi-threaded os, landscape email, etc, etc, etc) for a long time and others are yet to deliver on these type of features that is basic and cornerstone to windows mobile.  Many people slant the discussion to the user interface solely and forget about all of the other top-notch features and functions.  I think you will see win mbl continue to improve the UI as will any other provider and with the improvements in 6.5 and those likely in v7 will blow the competition away.

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