Mobile Buzz at Tech-Ed

There is a lot of good stuff going on a Tech-Ed this week in LA.  In you are here, come by and see us at the Windows Mobile booths.  This is one of the first big events to really start sharing details and demonstrating the technology Windows Mobile 6.5.

Some highlights thus far…

·        Take your pick from several sessions that overview WM 6.5 and show off new features.  You can finally see the UI improvements in action and get a feel for the rich users experience behind this release.

·        The Windows Mobile Marketplace team is here!  Come by the Marketplace booth or attend one of the breakouts to get your Marketplace questions answered.  Feedback Welcomed!

·        Nickolas Landry spotlighted “The Windows Mobile Unified Sensor API” in his session earlier this week.  This is a handy library up on Codeplex that you can use to take advantage cool hardware like accelerometers and light sensors on popular WM devices.

·        Curious about this thing called a Widget?  There is a good Hands-On-Lab (HOL) that will have you up and writing your own widgets in 15min.    They are easy, they are connected, they are … well, Widgets and they are pretty cool.

·        Rob Tiffany published a post recently that covered some techniques to maximize available memory space with managed applications.  He followed it up this week with a session that covered this technique in depth.  This is good stuff, but we also haven’t talked enough about some major changes that occurred in the platform under 6.1 to automatically help with the old Virtual Memory Monster.  Doug talked about it here.  Net, net… “While execute-in-place(XIP) DLLs are still loaded from the top of Slot 1, any DLL that is larger than 64 KB and isn’t XIP is loaded in slot 60.  If the 32 MB of slot 60 fills up with DLLs, the OS uses slot 61 for the DLLs.   This additional 64 MB of DLLs space should go a long way in reducing the problem of too many DLLs in Windows Mobile systems.”    This is… HUGE.

·        Maarten Struys gave a smoking session on Creating Location-Aware Applications on Windows Mobile.  Maarten rocks…what else can I say. 

…and that’s just the first two days!







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