WM 6.5 and GAPI….going, going, gone…

We’ve been talking about it forever…deprecating GAPI, but it’s REALLY hard to take back anything once it’s in the wild.  With the release on WM5, we told ISVs to start making to move to DirectDraw and leave GAPI behind.  Most of you have done it.  Many, simply used it to easily handle keyboard input.  With WM 6.5, it’s official….bye bye GAPI.

If you were using GAPI to handle keyboard input, you need to make sure you make the switch to AllKeys.  See the WM Team post here for more info (Just Say No To GAPI).  This should be a minimal change for most developers as GAPI simply used these APIs internally in the GAPIOpenInput and GAPICloseInput routines.  If you have problems or questions, please let us know!

Stay tuned lot’s of new 6.5 stuff to in the pipe to talk about…


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