I was helping out one of my colleagues (Clint Rutkas) this week on a problem that I thought would make a good blog post.  Clint posted the final code, so here’s a link to his blog.  The basic challenge was to pop up a form that would rise above everything else, grab the users attention, and prompt for a response—even on a locked device.   This is effectively what a meeting reminder does.  I would not recommend doing this as a standard practice, but there are times when it make sense.  For example, if you have a time sensitive event that must get the users feedback ASAP.  If you wanted to take this a step further, you could turn on the backlight as well and play a sound.  Just remember to be mindful of forcibly taking focus and manipulating Z-Order…that can be a really good way to hose the UI if you fire it at the wrong time…not to mention the power implications if you enable the backlight.  Check it out.

I will be delivering a Webcast this week on LINQ.  If you have a chance, be sure to tune in.  You can also watch the on-demand version after the event.  For more information, check out LINQ on MSDN or see Jim Wilson’s webcast from last year.  He does a pretty interesting section on Extension Methods that I will not cover in this webcast.




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