How do I find and purchase software for my Windows Mobile phone?

Windows Mobile applications are not required to be purchased or sold through any specific store, therefore, you have multiple options.  Many operators include on-device links or an application to buy software for your phone.  I’m currently carrying a Blackjack II with AT&T.  It has a link to the “AT&T Mall” and the operator provides a quick way to connect with apps, video, ringtones, etc.  What if they don’t carry the application I’m looking for?  No problem..I can still go grab software from other places using my phone or my desktop PC.  Maybe I want to try out the mobile release of Guitar Hero or the hot new Skyfire browser.  I can do that.


Some ISVs will sell directly from their own sites and completely out of the loop from Microsoft.  They also have the option of working through our certification program to be listed in the Windows Mobile Software Catalog.  That’s a great place to locate certified software from many of our partners and find the best deal from mobile portals that carry it.


If you want to buy software directly from your device, you can do that too.  A few portals to get you started:  Handango, PocketLand, MobiHand


Choice is a good thing.  Have fun.




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