3G and a bag of chips…

Are we really there yet, speed-wise?  It's kinda funny...for us that have used smart phones for a LONG time, we are just used to the speeds.  3G was a BIG step up.  But I saw this on YouTube, and it got me wondering a bit:

When will mobile speeds be up to snuff for the general cable user?  Or does it even make a difference?  Do we need REALLY fast speed on mobile devices?  Most of us are pretty smart about what we do and the packets we push when on our phones, but maybe for mass consumption of data (ie, the mobile web) we really DO need faster speeds...

Comments (2)

  1. Kevin Daly says:

    I think that unless someone is fortunate enough to have a *real* "All you can eat" data plan (not an option really here in New Zealand), there is a tradeoff between speed and cost that could easily make any great improvement over 3G speeds more of a blessing that a curse. Mobile operators would be extolling the joys of streaming video (well, they are already), and people would think this was just great until they got the bill.

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