Expanding the Reach – Going Consumer

Are rampaging Hamsters cool?  Can we fit them onto a device? Okay, this has always been something of a pet project for me, if you will.  Sure, I work in MCB and focus on the business side of the house, but it's really the consumers that move the majority of devices (and then force IT to support them).

So, what I'm looking for now are experiences:  what are the best, coolest experiences out there on mobile devices (doesn't have to be a Windows Mobile device)?  I'm interested in going out there, meeting the folks who do this stuff, and trying to get them some love from Microsoft.  But more then anything, I want to make the Windows Mobile platform cool for the consumer.

So, what are the really compelling things out there?  What should I be looking at?  Are there partners out there that do something so totally awesome that I HAVE to know about them?

Are rampaging hamsters cool?  Could we make a compelling mobile experience around that?  Is there anyone out there who CAN make the 'rampaging hamster experience' on a mobile device?  And who are they?

I'm looking for comments people (or email me at steveheg@microsoft.com )...bring it on!


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