SAP and Windows Mobile – what’s your story?

I work with different partners everyday, and I also work with enterprises and business everyday as well.  In enterprises, I often get asked the question:

'What partners do you have that do X?'

Well, right now I am looking for something specific.  How many of you guys have a solution for Windows Mobile that interfaces with SAP?  Yes, I do have a handful of partners who are skilled here (including SAP), but I'd like to broaden this particular piece of our partner portfolio.

So, if you have a good solution that connects Windows Mobile to SAP on the backend, I'd love to hear from you 🙂

Now, get back to reading Reed's sweet post on memory management 🙂

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  1. JamieAkers says:

    We use software from Georgia SoftWorks to allow access to SAP over Telnet.  Then we use rugged devices from Symbol with built-in barcode scanners.  Software wise they’re Windows Mobile 2003SE and are locked into a custom telnet client software that only connects to the Georgia SoftWorks server.  We customised the ROM to load it at startup and restore the application if the unit is hard reset (like someone leaving it on top of a pallet for a month).

    This allows us to scan goods as they leave the warehouse and the lorries they’re on.  As soon as SAP is aware of this, we know what goods are on what pallen on which lorry.  We can then communicate with the Windows Mobile powered HTC phones on-board and track their position with GPS.  Pretty neat.

  2. jeffryvu says:

    Well, if you can integrate SAP with Dynamics CRM (using custom entities and such), we can make it mobile using our CWR Mobile CRM solution.

    The only downside to this is that you first need an integration between SAP and Dynamics CRM, the data needs to be stored in CRM entities, and then you can mobilize it.

    Our clients already do similar things with e.g. Great Plains and other back-end systems.

    BTW, I think you already received a demo very recently from my colleague about this :).


  3. Hegey says:

    Guys, these are great!  Yes, I know about the CWR solution…great stuff 🙂

    Keep them coming…

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