Visually Stunning User Interfaces

Well, we've seen heard a bit of noise lately in the press about the iPhone, gPhone, Prada phone, whatever-you-want-to-call-it phone, but people seem to loose sight of the fact the Windows Mobile devices have been able to do all this great 'new' stuff for years.

Sure, Windows Mobile devices maybe aren't as sexy or as 'cool', but in the business world, they work like a cracker jack.

So, the good folks over at OpenNetCF are having a contest.

Visually Stunning User Interfaces

With the recent introduction of the iPhone, all of the buzz lately seems to be about visually stunning user interfaces so this month's competition is all about UI pizzazz.  Have you created a control that spices things up?  Do you have a form layout that makes the user completely forget they're using a Windows Mobile device?  Submit your code for a chance to win!

Click here to enter, and good luck!  Prove to all the nay sayers that Windows Mobile devices are not only powerful, but cool as well 🙂


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