PowerPoint…the bane of modern business?

The title is, of course, kinda misleading.  I actually love Power Point.  But sometimes I DO long for the days when you would get together in a conference room and hash out ideas over white boards (I almost said black boards, tipping my age).

But in today's business world, most meetings consist of a LOT of Power Points.  I'm not saying it's a bad thing, mind you, I'm just saying some folks really need to learn the art of the presentation.

So, I was tickled pink when a friend of mine sent me this link.  If you have EVER been bored/frustrated/teared up by being PPT-ed to death, then my guess is you will immediately relate to this.

Also, it provides a great tutorial on how to actually create an effective presentation 🙂

On a more serious note, the next post I make will be Windows Mobile focused - well, at least I'll try.  Reed usually keeps me on track, but I figure there is enough crazy serious stuff in the world that sometime a little levity helps 🙂

Also, I'm playing with the HTC Touch...it's an interesting device.


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