A blog is only as good as its content

There are some really great mobile resources out on the web today.   Between the plethora of mobile blogs, information available on MSDN, and the vast array of community sites – sometimes the biggest challenge is just filtering out what really matters.  What are the things I really need to know to make it all work on Windows Mobile?  That’s a loaded question of course (every developer has different goals), but that’s what my part of this blog is about.  Let me explain…


For the past several years, I’ve been working with our MED Developer and Partner team to help customers get apps up and running on Windows Mobile.  That’s really my role in a nutshell – help mobile partners make it work.  I don’t own a specific mobile product or business area.  I bridge the gap between the dev technologies we release and the practical application of those technologies in real world applications.  It’s an exciting place be… “where the rubber hits the road”.  I get to see some amazing applications and meet some phenomenal developers.  I also get to unravel some crazy developer and code snafus as part of the work.


Working with partners, day in and day out, I see many of these same development hurdles come up over and over again (security, virtual memory, etc.).  Occasionally, there are specific technical issues, but in many cases, a concept is not emphasized enough in the docs or explained in enough detail.  Sometimes we publish that “killer” whitepaper that every Windows Mobile developer needs to read or make a HUGE dev announcement at an event.  You get the idea…stuff that matters, best practices, “gotchas”, etc.  I try to maintain a list of my top 10 that I plan on talking about in detail here.  Sometimes I will wrap these into a presentation and talk about them at MEDC or our Mobile Partner Summits.  Many of you had asked me to share this type of info out somewhere, so here you go… subscribe to the blog and I’ll start sharing the issues and concepts on my “make it work” radar.


A blog is only as good as its content, so my goal is to keep it fresh and interesting.  Hulk, um, I mean Steve… will provide the humor and comic relief (we should probably lay the ground rules and ban drummer jokes).



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