Well, here we are again…(awkward silence ensues)

Okay, sorry for the lack of any updates, as I've been down at the Channel Partner Summit in Phoenix.  Good event; ran a session about making money with Line of Business apps on Windows Mobile...went well.

But man, my room was flippin' KILLER!  It must have been about 1000 square feet...totally awesome!  The only bad thing was that I never got to actually sit and relax in the room, as I was either speaking, meeting, or otherwise detained 🙂

But the LOB story on our platform is really strong.  Did you guys all know that Windows Mobile is the fastest growing mobile OS on the planet right now (according to IDC)?  We have some great momentum and traction within business, and with some of the stuff that we're doing, I believe it will only get bigger.

On another note, I recently got an Xbox360...pretty sweet little piece of hardware. Now I'm just waiting for the hook-up between my Windows Mobile device and Xbox Live.  No, I suck at most games, but I like the fundamental idea of the connected technologies.

I did, however, finish Gear of War and Crackdown.  Now I know what they put 'crack' in the title of that game.  I maxed out every attribute except driving; couldn't bring myself to drive around...I was too busy beating everyone up 🙂

At any rate, my next big show will be at TechEd...I hope to see you guys there.  Next week I'll be out, as I am finally taking some vaca.  Not sure if I'll be posting anything up here during that time, but I'll try to snag a pic of Mickey for you all!

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