vswhere now searches older versions of Visual Studio

One of the top requests I kept hearing for vswhere was to also search older versions of Visual Studio. You can now do that starting with the latest release. Even if you don’t have Visual Studio 2017 or newer installed – which means the query API is not even registered – you can use vswhere… Read more

How to fix “Invalid License Data” after upgrading from Visual Studio 2012 Beta to RC

A few customers have reported the following error after upgrading from VS2012 Beta to the Release Candidate (RC): Invalid License Data Reinstall is required. Aaron Marten on the Visual Studio Extensibility team has a post describing how to fix this issue. This should only happen if you upgrade a “higher” Beta edition to a “lower”… Read more

Announcing Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate (RC) – formerly known as Visual Studio 11 – is now available for download! Jason Zander’s blog has a lot of great information on all the exciting changes we have made, including improvements to setup. I encourage you to download and give VS2012 RC a try. Should you find… Read more

Visual Studio 11 Beta Updates

Today we announced a new method of delivering updates using a notification system many Visual Studio developers should be familiar with: the Visual Studio Extension Manager. Developers will now be notified in Visual Studio when updates are available. When the notification balloon is clicked, Extension Manager will open to a new node: Product Updates. Clicking… Read more

Why Visual Studio 11 Requires Space on the System Drive

Users have asked why space is required on the system drive (typically the C: drive) when they choose to install Visual Studio 11 to another drive. While Visual Studio 11 does allow you to install the majority of features to another drive, VS11 still requires space on the system drive for the following reasons: Shared… Read more

Announcing Visual Studio 11 Beta

Along with the release of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, we have released Visual Studio 11 Beta and Jason Zander has announced many of the great new and improved features in VS11 Beta. We have also introduced a new setup experience with VS11. Setup is built atop Burn, the Windows Installer XML engine, as well… Read more